About Us

We are a team of all round Web Marketers with an entrepreneurial spirit and knack for getting things done. With 10+ years of experience on our back, we are seasoned Web Marketing Planners with a demonstrated history of working upon several scale enterprise level projects. We are based in several European countries and we work in several Web Projects simultaneously.

Having delivered several solutions for the domains including Business management, NGO platforms, Cultural Collectives, Tourism and leisure industry businesses, We have gained hands-on experience in all stages of Web Marketing development along with the ability to understand customer needs, while communicating effectively and adapting well to changes in workplace environments. We are forward-thinkers by nature, love to create and always open to learning new stuff. Turning ideas into real world solutions and solving challenging problemsis our key strength.

We are search marketing veterans, wearers of different many hats, who take solace from getting to walk across the borders and experience the other unknown territories every once in a while.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more about us or just say hi, we love stumbling across the messages from the strangers in our inbox.